Silver finds your eligible FSA retail purchases, submits claim to Navia and gets your money back
Most people don’t know that sunscreen, tampons, and ibuprofen are eligible FSA expenses. We understand how daunting it can be to manage medical expenses. With Silver, we're taking that burden off your shoulders.
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How does it work?


Scan Receipts

Silver collects receipts from your past purchases at retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, and pharmacies.


Find Eligible Expenses

Next, Silver uses AI to identify items eligible for Healthcare FSAs and HSAs.


Autosubmit to Provider

Lastly, it generates the claim forms and submits them on your behalf to your provider.

Did you buy any of these?
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Acne Treatment
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Acne Treatment
Women Hygiene
Muscle & Pain Relief
Eye Care
Other OTC Drugs
* These are indicative ranges. Actual savings may vary.
Find Your Eligible Expenses
What do people say about Silver?


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Magdalena R

I just have to say that your app is revolutionary! The amount of time I used to spend chasing down receipts and evaluating their eligibility under FSA was ridiculous. I googled a few things and your site came up, so I took a look. After I signed up, I went through the scanning process and I swear I had my mouth open in shock for the few minutes it took. Thanks for making my life easier!


Expense Found
Gautam K

Just submitted. You guys have a great product. One of the better applications of AI applied to a real pain point. Kudos on the polished experience.


Expense Found

Glad to hear y'all are not in the data selling business, especially given how much info is being provided to you with all the purchase insights/ the face that you are NOT planning to make money off of purchase history is something worth calling out on the website clear, and/or your marketing materials. That's a plus. ;)

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How much does it cost?
Pricing is simple. Silver charges 4% of your total claim amount as a service fee, with a $1 minimum. Some people even get it free from their FSA/HSA provider.
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10 minutes with Silver could find you $500 worth of eligible expenses.
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