Silver helps your employees save money by finding their FSA/HSA eligible expenses and auto-submitting their claims
We would love to partner with you to offer Silver to your employees. We can offer an experience that is branded for your company and optimized for your FSA/HSA administrator.
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Auto collect receipts
Eligible Expenses
Auto submit claims to your provider

Who can benefit from Silver?


Can significantly increase their contribution with less worry of losing it at the end of the year.


Get less questions about receipts, expense eligibility, and getting all of their funds back.


Increases the value of these benefits to employees, all while reducing employer FICA taxes.

How does it work?


Connect to Receipt Source

Silver collects receipts from your online accounts at retailers like Amazon, Costco, Target, and pharmacies.


Find Eligible Expenses

Next, Silver uses AI to identify items eligible for Healthcare FSAs and HSAs.


Autosubmit to Provider

Lastly, it generates the claim forms and submits them on your behalf to your provider.

What do people say about Silver?


Expense Found
Magdalena R

I just have to say that your app is revolutionary! The amount of time I used to spend chasing down receipts and evaluating their eligibility under FSA was ridiculous. I googled a few things and your site came up, so I took a look. After I signed up, I went through the scanning process and I swear I had my mouth open in shock for the few minutes it took. Thanks for making my life easier!


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Gautam K

Just submitted. You guys have a great product. One of the better applications of AI applied to a real pain point. Kudos on the polished experience.


Expense Found

Glad to hear y'all are not in the data selling business, especially given how much info is being provided to you with all the purchase insights/ the face that you are NOT planning to make money off of purchase history is something worth calling out on the website clear, and/or your marketing materials. That's a plus. ;)

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